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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. For African countries which are the least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions at the origin of global warming, and the most exposed to the harmful effects already noted in some places by the populations, this is a particularly worrying threat.

Climate change threatens to wipe out all the efforts made for decades in terms of infrastructure, agricultural production, housing, transport, human health, etc. Moreover, the interaction with other constraints such as endemic poverty, low adaptive capacity and heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture makes it an extreme risk factor for human life and livelihoods. It has therefore become urgent to act and the consequences will be even more dramatic if nothing is done.

It is in this perspective of action that ENDA Energie has been largely involved, since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, in the implementation of the resulting United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Today, the urgent need to operationalize the Paris Agreement through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) is repositioning local governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) as carriers of solutions.

Thus the territorialization of climate policies through community-based approaches to adaptation and management of climate risks and disasters encourages ENDA Energie to support local and national processes in the fight against climate change. These processes are related to, among other things, the transfer of clean technologies including endogenous technologies, the development of mechanisms and tools for learning and actions for adaptation to climate change and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions beneficial to all, the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships with cities to organize the mobilization of local expertise, the strengthening of CSOs for a better knowledge of climate finance and mechanisms of carbon market.

Furthermore, ENDA Energie continually explores how the climate threat can be turned into green and decent job creation opportunities, in order to enhance the resilience of communities and ecosystems. In this perspective, and in the African context, adaptation therefore arises as the truly appropriate response. This is because it is part of the sustainable development processes capable of ensuring, through permanent adjustment, the sustainability of livelihoods, and their constant improvement. These are the motivations and orientations of ENDA Energie in the fight against climate change and which push us to work with communities at the local, national, regional and international level, in consultation platforms.

Through this commitment, ENDA Energie aims to create a synergy for the ownership and implementation of the fight against climate change by all stakeholders in all areas, starting from the local level. It is moreover on the basis of examples of actions and grassroots experiences that ENDA Energie builds and carries out advocacy at national, regional and international level for a development that is low in greenhouse gas emissions and resilient to climate change.


Programme de Bonne Gouvernance Écologique dans l'Entente Intercommunale de la Petite Côte (EIPC- GIZC)
Programme de Bonne Gouvernance Écologique dans l'Entente Intercommunale de la Petite Côte (EIPC- GIZC)
The Programme de Bonne Gouvernance Écologique dans l'Entente Intercommunale de la Petite Côte (Sound Ecological Governance Programme in the Intercommunal Agreement of the Petite Côte for a susccessful 
Development of a Sustainable Livelihood Action Plan for West African Coastal Protected Areas in the Context of Climate Change
Development of a Sustainable Livelihood Action Plan for West African Coastal Protected Areas in the Context of Climate Change
The 'Development of a Sustainable Livelihood Action Plan for West African Coastal Protected Areas in the Context of Climate Change’ project was funded by the MAVA Foundation and executed by the United Nations 
Communities Regreen the Sahel
Communities Regreen the Sahel
The "Communities Regreen the Sahel" project implemented in Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal is part of a dynamic of support to agricultural and fodder production through the introduction of trees in livestock 
Multi-actor Partnership (MAP) on Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (CDRFI)
Multi-actor Partnership (MAP) on Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (CDRFI)
Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (CDRFI) is a key means of promoting reliable and timely responses to climate change-related disasters. 


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DÉCLARATION DE SALY: Actions pour la résilience et la sobriété carbone en Afrique
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COP 27 : Le Moment de la Justice climatique pour les communautés et les pays les plus vulnérables
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