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PROGRES-Lait :"Regional Solar Energy Programme and Milk Value Chain"

Sénégal : Saint Louis & Louga (Nord) ; Kolda (Sud)
Mauritanie : Trarza et Hodh 
PROGRES-Lait :"Regional Solar Energy Programme and Milk Value Chain"

Statut: On going

Durée du projet: 2014- 2018 et 2018 -2020

Step 1 - Idea
PROGRES-Lait is a programme to promote rural entrepreneurship through the development of the milk value chain and access to energy in Senegal and Mauritania. It makes energy platforms available to stakeholders for the conservation of milk, particularly to women at the grassroots level, by building on a Public-Private Community-based Partnership (PPCP) approach as an instrument for developing the milk market.
Step 2 - Collaboration
Provision of solar energy platforms to stakeholders for access to basic energy services and the development of rural female entrepreneurship in the milk sector
3 - Objectifs
The overall objective is to strengthen access to productive energy services to stimulate the development of the rural economy through the extension of the horizon of opportunities to enhance the milk value chain. More specifically, it aims to: 

1) Enhance access to sustainable and stable energy; 

2) Promote rural entrepreneurship, especially for women, to strengthen the economic power of women and rural populations through access to solar milk storage platforms; 

3) Professionalize the players by setting up models of efficient organizations for small producers and innovative partnerships; and 

4) Foster the development of an autonomous milk collection and market.
step 3
Step 4 - Implementation
- The installation of 45 entrepreneurial solar mini-platforms and 25 solar dairies for conservation and pasteurization that can supply large processing companies (industrial dairies). They also connect more than 1,000 households for lighting (10,000 people), phone charging, milling and welding. 

- An appropriate funding mechanism is put in place to guarantee the sustainability of the programme - Small producers and community-based organizations are professionalized 

- All stakeholders are informed and sensitized through the implementation of the project communication strategy.
step 4

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