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Local Environmental Coalition for a Green Union (FLEUVE)

Communes de Syer, Mboula, Tessékéré, Labgar (Région de Louga) et Lougré Thioly (Région de Matam)
Local Environmental Coalition for a Green Union (FLEUVE)

Statut: On going

Durée du projet: 28 mois

Step 1 - Idea
The Local Environmental Coalition for a Green Union (FLEUVE) is developed by civil society organizations with the support of the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (GM-UNCCD) through funding from the European Union. It is a project in support of the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGWI). It strengthens the management of natural resources and the fight against land degradation along the GGW route. FLEUVE addresses the problem of insufficient capacity building in the field of planning on the part of local authorities and populations to deal with land degradation and desertification themselves. The innovative nature of the project is based on the territorial approach, reinforced by a commodity chain approach with the development of endogenous potentialities in particular, milk, non-timber forest products, poultry farming, beekeeping, etc., around which integrated rural development poles (IRDP) are to be set up. The approach creates links between local and regional authorities and economic actors in the sectors responsible for the use of natural resources and thus extends the partnership to new actors and sectors.
Step 2 - Collaboration
Sustainable land management
3 - Objectifs
The project aims at the integration of the sustainable management of natural resources, land and ecosystem risks in development plans at local level, and their implementation through the setting up of innovative and multi-stakeholder partnerships including the public and private sectors, as part of a contribution to the implementation of the Great Green Wall Initiative in Senegal.
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Step 4 - Implementation
The expected results of this project include:

- Strengthening the fight against desertification and land degradation in the Sahel, particularly in Senegal;

- Increasing the role of CSOs in sustainable land management (SLM) and their involvement in the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (IGMVSS).

- The development of localities through local potentialities by promoting rural entrepreneurship.
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Step 4 - Résulats attendus
1.         Organization of political dialogue between elected officials, the National Agency of the Great Green Wall (ANGMV) and development actors;
2.         Organization of capacity building and training sessions (training on local governance and social entrepreneurship in rural areas); 
3.         Establishment of three mini-dairies in Bade, Téthierlo and Loumbol Djiby; 
4.         Construction of 20 biodigesters; 
5.         Elaboration of a guide for the integration of SLM in local development planning; 
6.         Elaboration of two territorial projects on SLM (Sakal and Mboula); 7. 
7.         Publication of the 'Drynet' newsletter; 
8.         Production of a film on biodigesters. 

9.         Production of radio programmes and a round table on natural resource management and pastoralism; 

10.       Development of case studies on the pastoral unit and on the Balanites, and review of local development plans, etc.
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