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ENERCO: Energy and Communities

Communes de Sakar (région de Sédhiou) et de Pata (région de Kolda) au sud du Sénégal.
ENERCO: Energy and Communities

Statut: On going

Durée du projet: 2013 - 2015

Step 1 - Idea
The ENERCO Senegal - Energy and Communities project, funded by La Caixa (Spanish Foundation), aimed to facilitate access to sustainable energy services for the populations of two (2) pilot villages. It consisted in providing them with Multifunctional Energy Platforms (MEPs) operating exclusively with photovoltaic energy and adapted to the specific context of each locality. Each MEP was to be used to perform productive activities that were economically profitable and improve the socio-economic conditions of the populations, especially women and young people.

The direct beneficiaries of the project in the two pilot villages were initially estimated at 242 people, 70% of whom were women. Indirect beneficiaries were estimated at more than 5,000 people.
Step 2 - Collaboration
Access to and governance of sustainable energy services at local level
3 - Objectifs
The overall objective of the project was to increase and improve access to sustainable community energy services for the enhancement of the socio-economic conditions of the populations, especially women and youth. The aim was to meet energy needs for social and productive uses in order to:

 (i) boost local economy through processing and conservation of agricultural products; 
(ii) test and promote a model of territorial energy governance involving local authorities, within the framework of the Act 3 of decentralization.
step 3
Step 4 - Implementation

This multi-stakeholder partnership project obtained the following results:

- Establishment of two multifunctional energy platforms in the two municipalities;

- 10.8 kWp installed;

- 11 energy services promoted through various infrastructures including:

·      Multimedia Room: Computers, Scanner, Printer, Multifunction Photocopier, WiFi device for internet access, TV with subscription;
·       Sewing room: sewing machines (electric and pedal);
·      Cold room: refrigerator, freezer, heat-sealer;
·      Phone charging room: Battery charging platform;
·      Grinding room: cereal mill and corn-sheller.
·      Community Radio: Thanks to the EMP in Pata, the village radio works with electricity produced from the installed solar platform;

- More than 1000 beneficiaries of the services accounted for;

- Establishment of a possible sustainable energy governance methodology built around local communities.
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