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Societies in which people are self-reliant and resilient, have access to sustainable energy services and effective citizen control over natural resources.


Accompany the populations in the processes of transformation towards sustainable development



Axes Stratégiques

Step 1 - Idea
AXE 1: Access of vulnerable communities to sustainable energy services
Strategic focus:

- Promotion of productive uses of renewable energies
- Energy-Climate Planning
- Empowerment of women
Step 1 - Idea
AXE 2: Resilience of populations and ecosystems
Strategic focus:

- Community-based adaptation
- Transfer of climate technologies including endogenous technologies
- Sustainable land management

Step 1 - Idea
AXE 3: Promotion of inclusive and citizen governance of natural resources
Strategic focus:

- Ecological, Energy, and Citizen Transition
- Energy-Climate Governance
- Sustainability of natural resources