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Rehabilitation of the Anambé farm to secure milk production in the South

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August 12, 2021

The Doylu project (Integrated Energy-Fodder-Milk Programme) is implemented in the North (Dagana, Liguère) and South (Kolda) zones of Senegal by ENDA ENERGIE. It is a risk mitigation strategy of the PROGRES-Lait programme, which aims to secure both milk production and the milk market. It thus complements this regional milk and solar energy value chain programme (PROGRES-Lait), especially in terms of empowerment of breeders in animal feed for a sustainable milk production all the year-long. 

"DOYLU" is part of an orientation of actions with rapid results/impacts. It consists in developing youth entrepreneurship in the milk value chain both upstream in the production of livestock feed and downstream in the context of access to sustainable energy for the production, conservation and processing of milk with a view to developing an autonomous market for dairy by-products.

In Kolda area, this programme supported by GIZ has made it possible to develop three (03) fodder crop perimeters of five (05) hectares each in Saré Samba, Tchika, Diambanouta and Anambé. They are equipped with solar pumping systems with which different types of fodder crops will be exploited (panicum, braccaria, cowpeas, etc.).

In its mission to support populations in transformation processes oriented towards sustainable development, ENDA ENERGIE always tries, through its various projects/programmes, to relaunch well thought out and well executed actions.  

It is in that sense that, in the Anambé basin, a memorandum of understanding has been established with SODAGRI for the rehabilitation of the farm and the dairy facility which had been installed by the State for breeders but which subsequently became non-functional due to a lack of support and follow-up. 

It is within this context that, following the establishment of a cooperative organization system and a coaching mechanism, cows have been acquired for the farm, in addition to a 5kw 300Ah solar photovoltaic installation, a 150L solar water-heater and other milk processing equipment. 

To ensure a better private operation of this type of community dairy facilities, ENDA ENERGIE has initiated a series of trainings related to the milk value chain for young people and women, through an innovative mechanism of popular incubation. 

In the face of climate change, this is an economic model aimed at strengthening the resilience of young people based on the enhancement of a community heritage that is not exploited due to lack of maintenance and monitoring, that can be put forward.


PROGRES-Lait :"Regional Solar Energy Programme and Milk Value Chain"
PROGRES-Lait :"Regional Solar Energy Programme and Milk Value Chain"
PROGRES-Lait is a programme to promote rural entrepreneurship through the development of the milk value chain and access to energy in Senegal and Mauritania.


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