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Partnership agreement signed between CNEDD and ENDA ENERGIE to support Niger towards sustainable development

Date de publication

August 03, 2021

The National Environment Council for Sustainable Development (CNEDD Niger) and the NGO ENDA ENERGIE signed a partnership agreement on 28th July, 2021 in Niamey as part of building the resilience of populations and ecosystems in Niger.  
This partnership aims to Niger towards sustainable development through several areas, such as mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to the effects of climate change, support in the development of low-carbon climate resilience programs and creation of green jobs among others.
This partnership between the two institutions is also part of a common vision of mobilizing financial resources depending on national and international opportunities.
The Director of ENDA ENERGIE welcomes this agreement which comes at a time when the government of Niger is revising its Nationally Determined Contribution in addition to the development of its National Adaptation Plan (NAP). According to Mr. Sécou SARR, "the need for a strategic partnership with the government of Niger in the field of environment and more specifically on climate change, justifies the signature of this agreement between the NGO ENDA ENERGIE and the CNEDD".
Placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister's office, the CNEDD, composed of representatives of the State and civil society, is responsible for coordinating and monitoring national policy on the environment and sustainable development. 
ENDA ENERGIE is an international NGO, member of the Enda Tiers Monde network, created in 1982 and based in Dakar, Senegal with a branch in Niger. ENDA ENERGIE is strongly committed to issues and actions related to energy and especially renewable energy, environment, climate change, gender, social entrepreneurship and combating desertification in Africa, in a sustainable development perspective. 
During three years, ENDA ENERGIE will make available to the National Environment Council for Sustainable Development its expertise in several areas such as climate change, combating desertification, energy and water, gender and energy, among others.



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