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Petite Côte gets an Accelerated Integrated Climate Resilience Management programme

Date de publication

July 05, 2022

On Wednesday 22 June 2022, on the occasion of the official launch of the Accelerated Integrated Climate Resilience Management programme (AGIR - Petite Côte), a popular mobilisation took place at the esplanade of the municipal stadium of Mbour with all the stakeholders of this project financed by the European Union. This climate resilience initiative is  under the Senegalese government's Integrated Coastal Zone Management (GIZC) programme. 

The AGIR-Petite Côte programme, which is to last three years, aims to improve the living conditions of local populations in the various communes of the Petite Côte.

Implemented by the consortium ENDA ENERGIE, IPSIA and JVE Senegal, this climate resilience programme is built on three pillars: (1) the inclusion of all territorial actors in the governance of the natural resources of the Petite Côte, (2) the enhancement of livelihoods for communities living on the main coastal activities such as fishing, and (3) the development of green business ecosystems that will highlight the potential for job creation through the recovery of household waste.

This programme "should enable waste to be an economic component. Waste is no longer waste but a means of creating income and jobs," explains Sécou SARR, director of ENDA ENERGIE. Moreover, this economic aspect of waste was the main theme developed by the theatre groups who helped the communities to better understand the economic value of waste through a short sketch #MbalitKoomLa. The popular launch of this programme, which took place in the form of "Nguel Climat" with the maestro Diabi Ndong from Joal, also featured musical artists from the Petite Côte who had participated in the "Na Set" compilation dedicated to environmental protection. AGIR-Petite Côte is a continuation of the good ecological governance programme previously implemented in 5 communes of the Petite Côte, and is based on several activities aimed at meeting the specific needs and constraints of the targeted communes.

The two (2) previous phases (GIZC in 2014 and EIPC in 2017) have first allowed to build the Intercommunality of the Petite Côte on two pillars of common interest (waste management and coastal erosion) around the communes of Malicounda, Mbour, Ngaparou, Saly and Somone and then to unfold the agenda of adaptation and mitigation actions to face climate change. AGIR - Petite Côte is a continuation of these processes by integrating 6 new communes of the Petite Côte (Bargny, Ngueniene, Yene, Popenguine, Sindia, Joal) thanks to financial support from the European Union.